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.The only dedicated site with Indian films serving the US market; good customer service and wide range of US films and some video games and audiobooks as well.

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Visit Zdag DVD Rental SiteZdag is the only Indian language DVD rental site serving the US market, with a wide range and good customer service. They really serve four different types of rental product: English DVDs, Indian DVDs, audiobooks, and even some video games.

Of course, their specialty is Indian films, and they claim to have the largest collection of Bollywood films for rental in the United States. They also carry films from Tollywood, DVDs in Telegu, Tamil, Malayam, etc. They stock 4,000 Mp3 audiobooks.

We'd like it if they had a more advanced search engine, but their browsing system is excellent, with no less than 28 genres. Information on each DVD is also extensive, with hyperlinked stars, ratings, sound, subtitles, running time, year of release, screen format, and customer rating.

For games, their selection is limited to Gamecube (40+ games), PS2 (110+ titles) and Xbox (70+ titles)--none of the next generation consoles, but at least they are acquiring new titles for these older consoles.

Zdag is one of the few niche DVD rental sites to offer a customer service telephone number, which is a welcome plus if you run into any problems. For sites without he,. delays with online customer service responses can be a major headache.

Note that many Asian DVDs will require a multiregion DVD player to view.


Prices: Zdag offers a wide range of tariffs. They have three limited plans, two discs total in the month for only $4.99, four discs total for $8.99, and six discs total for $11.99. You can get four discs out, unlimited, for $23.99 per month or 6 discs for a small amount more, $29.99.

They do not offer a free trial, but do offer up to 50% off the first month's rental.

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Visit Zdag DVD Rental Site


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Free Trial: Half off first month

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2354 Calle Del Mundo
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