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iLetYou DVD Rental

This is an innovative setup where hundreds of people become the DVD rental stores--but a bit complicated, time consuming, and unpredictable for our tastes.

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iLetYou DVD Rental Review

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iLetYou is more like a trading website then a centralized DVD website; we think it's a bit complicated, but if might be worth a whirl. iLetYou is built by the users, who use rental of their own DVDs as a medium of exchange. Titles are offered by individuals and rental stores. You also can list your own DVDs and games to rent to others after buying supplies from ILetYou. The site takes a small cut of each rental fee you collect, as little as 40 cents per rental. Of course, much of the "cost" is the added time invested in the system.

You can actually set up your own virtual online rental store, setting your own terms and prices--either earning money or credit to then go on and rent more films and games yourself. This is quite a good idea, as US consumers have an estimated 10 billion DVDs in their personal collections, although a very small percentage will join the website of course. In theory, this is a great idea, but then the problems come in implementation. Of course problems are availability and lack of people willing to rent in demand new releases.

The browsing system is good--though when we looked they had a bunch of older titles listed under "New Releases"--never a good sign and indicative of lack of updates. That said, the actual info on each title was very good, comparable to a full service DVD rental site, with cast, synopsis, rating, length, release date. Then you have a long list of rental "stores" to rent from; for instance, Star Wars Episode II had a rent for $2/week from a feedback -2 store, $3.22 per week from a feedback +11 store, $2 from a feedback +2 store, etc. So you can pick your terms among many and depending on their feedback level. A bit complicated for our liking as we said, but some people will no doubt enjoy it and profit from it.

You can order 2-way Disc mailers at a very economical cost, as designed for the top rent-by-mail company. This is the iLetYou recommended mailing method. For larger-scales, the cost of mailers is $190 for a case of 1,000 plus applicable shipping by UPS ground.

iLetYou was founded by two entrepreneurs, Rodger Visitacion and Vaibhav Domukundwar, in early 2006 with the vision of opening rental boundaries everywhere. They have have offices in San Diego and San Jose, California.

Prices: As described above, this is mainly a trading system, and there is also a charge of $.99 per disc received.

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