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.This niche site is the world's largest source of hunting and outdoor related DVDs; it won't appeal to most, but for some, it will be the perfect fit--now out of business

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HuntFlix DVD Rental Review

Visit HuntFlix DVD Rental SiteHuntFlix went out of business in late 2008; this review is left as it was for posterity.

untFlix is a very niche site, appealing to hunting and outdoor enthusiasts with an excellent array of films which are hard to find and often expensive elsewhere. As you can imagine, their many genres match their subject matter, with topics like Deer, Antelope, Waterfowl, etc. Hunting, Fishing, Hunting Calls, Outdoor Skills, and the like. They featured some 1,000 DVDs when we checked in April 2008, and add more each week.

The site design is admittedly not as slick as the Netflixes of the world--for instance, title info is adequate, with the focus on a long synopsis, but you won't find hyperlinked director, stars, year, etc. In fact, in addition to synopsis, most titles only have running time, pictures of the front and back cover, and when it was added to their product catalog.

Founded by John Pritchette because many video stores and online services don't even stock these type of DVDs, Huntflix aims to be the hunter and outdoorsman's companion. In fact, if you track down a hunting/outdoor related title they don't have, they'll consider going out and buying it.

HuntFlix is operated by Wapiti Web, LLC. They even sell some of their own merchandise, likes hats, t-shirts, etc. As with most DVD rental sites, shipping is free, sent first class as part of your subscription. They send their discs out in plastic "C-shell" carriers, which protect the discs well, but which are much smaller than traditional DVD cases.

Prices: Huntflix's prices are on the expensive side, given the niche nature of the material which is hard to find and expensive elsewhere. One disc out (unlimited) is $14.95 per month, two discs is $19.95, three discs is $24.95, and four discs is $29.95. You can even get an entire year for $300 for their massive four disc out plan--though we think even the avid outdoorsman might not be able to take full advantage of so many niche DVDs.

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1 disc: $14.95
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Free Trial: 14 days

Distribution Center: Washington state

Titles: 1,000+
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PO Box 13692,
Des Moines, WA 98198
253-670-HUNT (4868)


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