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.The best Asian DVD rental site, strong website plus Asian and even some English language films.

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eHit.com DVD Rental Review

Visit eHit.com DVD Rental SiteeHit.com is the top Asian DVD rental site marketing in the US in our opinion. eHit has sections for Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese films, as well as some adult titles. They also have some Hong Kong and Taiwan films. The site itself can be displayed in English or Chinese--the only site to do this.

They are listed in 11 genres (one of which is Shaw Brothers, the others more traditional like Drama, Classics, War, etc.) The actual films have tons of data, including box image, stars (hyperlinked so you can see what else they have been in), director, release date, language, subtitles, region code, format, rating, duration, point cost, disc number, customer reviews, and eHit even lists title availability--the only Asian DVD rental service to list if a disc is actually ins tock available to ship immediately.

eHit have a very advanced search function, allowing multi-part searches on title and actor, region, language, subtitles, and region code; again, the most advanced features of any Asian DVD rental site. They have a quick return feature, so when you mail a DVD back, click on it and they'll send your next discs immediately without waiting for your last lot to arrive.

They also have a points rental system which we have not looked into closely, but which anyone interested in the site should definitely check out. eHit started in 2001 and has since built a reputation for quality customer service. There has been some concern on the web that some shipping times can be slow, but this should largely depend on distance form their Sunnyvale, California distribution center, and on their FAQ it notes it can take 2-4 days for films to arrive, and if you use there quick return feature you should be able to shave time off turnarounds. Nonetheless, it has been described as the best Asian selection available in the US.

Note that many Asian DVDs will require a multiregion DVD player to view.


Prices: eHit offers a 10 day free trial. They have four subscription levels, but not the common ones you expect. There are unlimited plans for two discs out for $14.95, four discs for $23.95, six discs for $31.95, and a whopping eight discs for $39.95--pretty good prices given the niche market.

Visit eHit.com DVD Rental Site

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Visit eHit.com DVD Rental Site


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