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. Although there are few smaller DVD companies based in the central region of the US, the main companies have distribution centers there, so there's still good choice. And if you like relatively closer to one coast of the other, see our East and West coast top sites for other options.

  Table Definitions

.Value Rating = Value
Design Rating = Design
Service Rating = Service

Value Rating: Includes prices at all DVD rental levels and our assessment of what you actually get for your money.

Design Rating: Includes how well the website interface is designed and easy to use; there are some really aggravating online DVD rental sites out there.

Service Rating: This measure of customer service--which includes DVD turnaround times--is the least "scientific" rating, relying mainly on reports we've gathered from the net.

Titles: The estimated total number of available DVD titles. The market leaders boats 75,000+ titles, but an online DVD rental company stocking around 10,000 titles (far more than an average video store) will probably have all the DVD titles you'll ever want.

Phone Support: Only some DVD rental companies offer a real customer service phone number; important as it can be very frustrating and slow trying to use email.

Distribution Centers: This is important to weigh, as a company with a distribution center far from where you live can take several days longer for DVDs to reach you, depending on the mailman's efficiency. The top few companies have enough centers to provide close, blanket mail coverage.

Free Trial: These are usually a standard two weeks. Read the Terms on each DVD rental company's site if you're pursuing a free trial, as many have strict requirements for cancellation. If you're very cheeky you can "free trial hop" down the list and enjoy free DVD rentals for over six months before choosing the provider for you.

Prices: In dollars per month (tax not included) for standard, unlimited 1 and 3 disc at-a-time DVD rental subscriptions. This does not include volume discounts sometimes offered for paying a year in advance--see the individual DVD rental company reviews for this information.

Ranking of Top Central/Mountain DVD Rental Sites
Online DVD Rental Sites Ratings Titles Phone? Free Trial? Centers 1 disc 3 discs Subscribe/Review

Netflix Review & Link
Value Rating
Design Rating
Service Rating
100,000+ yes 14 days 50+ 8.99 16.99 Visit Netflix DVD Rental Site

Read Netflix DVD Rental Review

Blockbuster Review & Link
Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating
95,000+ no 14 days 23+ (plus 7,800 stores) 8.99 16.99 Visit Blockbuster DVD Rental Site

Read Blockbuster DVD Rental Review

CinFlix Review & Link
Asian/Indian DVDs

Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating
Unknown no half price first month Colorado 19.95 for 18 discs total 24.95 for 25 discs total Visit CinFlix DVD Rental Site

Read CinFlix DVD Rental Review

Number Slate Review & Link

Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating
5,000 no 2 weeks multiple 9.99 + postage - Visit Number Slate DVD Rental Site

Read Number Slate DVD Rental Review

Filipino Movie Rentals Review & Link
Filipino DVDs
Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating
Unknown no none Texas 9.95 19.95
Visit Filipino Movie Rentals DVD Rental Site

Read Filipino Movie Rentals DVD Rental Review

KineticFlix Review & Link
Fitness DVDs 
Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating
Unknown yes none Montana 12.99 20.99 Visit KineticFlix DVD Rental Site

Read KineticFlix DVD Rental Review

Artistic Gurus Review & Link
Hobby/Hardware DVDs
Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating
Unknown no none Colorado. 8-13 for one disc rental for 1 week - Visit Artistic Gurus DVD Rental Site

Read Artistic Gurus DVD Rental Review
Online DVD Rental Sites Ratings Titles Phone? Free Trial? Locations 1 disc 3 discs Subscribe/Review


* = Unlike most unlimited services, these online DVD rental companies offer limited plans capped with strict limits on number of DVDs rented per month; we only recommend them for people who only want to rent a few DVDs each month.

Online DVD movie rental prices and terms change frequently; check company website for the latest.


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