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.Asian/Indian service with an excellent website and very broad selection of foreign films.

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Visit Cinflix DVD Rental SiteCinflix focuses on Asian and foreign DVDs--claiming to have the largest selection in the US--covering the gamut of Korea, Hong Kong, India, and Japan. This is a major plus for those with broad Asian interests, as sites tend to cover India or China/Japan/Korea--not both. They also have some European titles.

In fact, if they don't have a DVD you'd like, just click the Request a Title button on the bottom and they'll do their best to acquire it. They even have US and Asian adult films.

There is an excellent browsing engine, allowing browsing by country, genre (no less than 39 to sift through!), subtitle language, or DVD region code. The actual information for each title is adequate, listing language, subtitles, region, director, and cast (and all hyperlinked), with a lengthy synopsis. They have much more info like year, length, etc. on another tab, but we'd really have preferred them all on one page like most DVD rental sites. That said, many of the films include trailers you can watch online to get a sense for the film, which is a rare plus. You can also view or write member reviews.

There are some other extras, like RSS feeds to keep up to date with their latest releases, refer to a friend bonuses, and even an option to sell your Asian DVDs to them, another rarity.


Prices: Cinflix introduced a new system in 2010, where they send your entire month's rentals all at once via priority mail. This has advantages and disadvantages--you won't get shortchanged because of slow post or watching habits, though you'll only get what they have in stock at the time of course. See tariffs to the right--there are other options which include full TV series dramas for slightly extra. Also, on some plans the first month is half price, making it easy to try before you buy.

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Visit Cinflix DVD Rental Site


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