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Cinema Asia DVD Rental

One of several Asian DVD niche specialists, simple but effective site with wide range and info.

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Cinema Asia DVD Rental Review

Visit Cinema Asia DVD Rental Site

Cinema Asia is one of several Asian DVD rental specialists in the US, boasting a simple, but effective site design. There are 6 "genres"--Anime, Kung Fu, Chinese, Variety Shows, Japanese, Korean, and Adults. They do however, carry TV series from the following regions: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea.

We will give credit for Cinema Asia's excellent title information. Each film has a box picture, price, points it costs to rent, cast (hyperlinked), languages, subtitles, genre, media type, release date, rating, and a synopsis, often in English and the film's native language.

All is not well here though--on the signup page, it says "Club VCD Today.com"--odd, as it says Cinema Asia up top. We would expect many Asian titles to be lower resolutions VCDs rather than DVDs, simply because these are much more common in Asia, but such simple name discrepancies get us concerned that there are other quality control issues.

Cinema Asia also has a points system, but we have not looked at it in depth--if you like the company, definitely check out the intricacies of this system. They also have pay per rental tariffs and way where you can pay for rental through their point system. Other extras include a merchandise area for buying gifts and jewelry.

Note that many Asian DVDs will require a multiregion DVD player to view.

Prices: Cinema Asia (or VCD Club Today.com depending on where you read it) has three tariffs, but not the common ones you expect. There are unlimited plans for two discs out for $13.99, four discs for $18.99, and six discs for $28.99--pretty good prices given the niche market actually.

Visit Cinema Asia DVD Rental Site

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Visit Cinema Asia DVD Rental Site


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2 discs: $13.99
4 discs:
6 discs:

Free Trial: 10 days (for 99 cents)

Distribution Center: California

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Cinema Asia
PO Box 231
San Jose, CA 95103-0231


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