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.Artistic Gurus is a niche library-type rental service focusing on art demonstration videos.

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Artistic Gurus DVD Rental Review
Visit Artistic Gurus DVD Rental Site

Artistic Gurus is a small company which focuses on the niche of art demonstration videos. They have catagories like Comics and Manga, Traditional Art, 2D Digital Art (for things like Photoshop), 3D Digital Art (for programs like Maya, Lightwave, Modo, and 3D Studio Max), Storytelling, and FX.

The system is more like a library or traditional DVD rental store than the unlimited Netflix model. You choose your DVDs, it is shipped within three days, then you watch the DVD and must return it within seven days of receipt in the mailer provided. Each entry lists the sale price for a DVD and its rental price, often around $7 to $13.

The titles are relatively few as you might expect given the niche nature of the collection, but you're also not likely to find them on mainstream services. The amount of detail on each title is impressive, with long paragraph descriptions and often bullet point of key features. They have status indicators, so you know if a given title is in stock, and they indicate when the title will likely ship.

They also have a Facebook page and a blog, both with useful comments. The site appears to also go under the name RentArtVideos.com.

Artistic Gurus is open 9-4PM MST Monday through Friday and have a customer service phone number and email address for questions.


Prices: Artistic Gurus' prices vary, often ranging from around $7 to $13, though unlike standard DVD rental services, you have to pay shipping as well. There is no unlimited option as with traditional DVD renta sites. This is a pity, as we'd imagine there would be some demand for a capped 2 or 4 per month plan with some economies of scale. But that said, this is a unique resource, even at the rather price per disc.


Visit Artistic Gurus DVD Rental Site


Artistic Gurus DVD Rental Customer Comments

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Visit Artistic Gurus DVD Rental Site


Key Facts

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1 disc, 7 day rental: $7-13

Free Trial: None

Distrbution Center: Colorado

Titles: Unknown
Game Rentals:
Phone Contact:

Artistic Gurus
3620 W 10th St
Suite B-204
Greely, CO 80634
(888) 572-55280


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